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‘Off The Street’
Jimmy Bamble's  solo at NCCA curated by Rita Macarounas: Exhibition opening Friday 27th September 6pm
Jimmy Bamble is an emerging Darwin artist. He draws his visual vocabulary from the vibrant and ephemeral world of street art and graffiti. Working on multiple canvases simultaneously, he articulates his vision across the stretched surfaces of his work. Neo-Expressionist in style, with bright fluorescent colours and broad brushstrokes, Jimmy’s creative energy bursts out from every inch of his art.The artist states that: "The works I create are my truest form of expression. Giving the audience an insight into events I’ve lived through, feelings I’ve had, my outlook on the present or my future aspirations. Whilst some of my characters, I’ve given a story and life of their own. I want people to have an insight into my soul, what it is to be me and feel what I feel, through both the good and the bad.
Since childhood, I’ve been heavily influenced by the freedom and absolute limitlessness found in cartoons and the abundance of possibility which resonates with the way I perceive life. For most part using the original characters I’ve created, in which I can infuse with whatever emotion or story I wish. As my work continuously develops, it helps me to portray and cope with events as life unfolds as I grow both emotionally and spiritually. I like to leave my creations open to interpretation, and although all pieces having a personal meaning, I like my audience to find the meaning within themselves."

Artist Talk: Saturday 5th October 12 noon.
Exhibition dates: 27th September-12 October2019
Opening Night: Friday 27th September 6-8pm
Open Wed - Fri 10am-4pm & Sat 10:30am-2:30pm
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